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My Story

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We go through life each day living a life that appears ‘normal’ to us. We make choices and decisions that are seen either as ‘right or wrong.’ We want fulfilment and purpose, but often do not know what this purpose is. 

I have experienced highs and lows in my life, like everyone else, but have always had a curiosity about life, the existence of all that is, the Universe, and everything in it. I always knew deep down that my aim was to work with people and help them reach their full potential, as this is what I wanted for myself.

Born in South Africa, having parents who are Portuguese then living in England for over twenty years  I have enjoyed living in different cultures, dynamics and relationships that helped me learn about different ways of being. 

I'm passionate about helping people work on themselves and never give up no matter how hard times may be. I know first hand how getting vulnerable with yourself can be a difficult and humbling process, but also how it can be the first step to true self-development.

My mission is to help people lead a life that is purposeful, meaningful, and discover true happiness. My passion for helping others has led me to write the book "Understanding Your Life Purpose Triangle," which is a guide to help you learn how to invest in yourself, mind, body and soul, by Understanding your Triangle 

Through my journey, I have learned that we all have the power to create our own reality and to be our most Authentic Self.

I invite you to join me on this journey and experience the freedom that comes from embracing your power. 

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