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Working with Michelle

Private coaching

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Supporting Your Success

     What type of coach is Michelle

Where you are today, originated from a process of thoughts. Some of your thought processes are either supporting you or not in your life.

Sometimes we do know we are acting in ways that does not support us and other times we don’t.

Through thought provoking and challenging questioning we are able to explore these thought processes and help break through them and make the changes necessary to achieve what it is you want going forward.

Ready to proceed with coaching, but still not 100% sure whether it is for you? Please get in touch and book a 30min discovery call with me and discover what the next steps would look like and if coaching is definitely something you would like to do.

Each session will last 60 min and they will be done online via video link. If you wanted to have the coaching sessions done in person or at your place of work this can be arranged.

Sessions will be held either weekly, bi weekly or monthly.

I believe we all have the capacity to make the changes we want in our lives. We all have the resources to implement things to allow us to take steps and move into action, but sometimes after a while we tend to revert back to a behaviour or pattern we had done before and the original goal is unfulfilled or short lived.

This is why  we can have the best goal setting intention, but sometimes it won’t work, because if you do not understand where the inaction has originated from you will not make lasting changes or you might make the changes in one aspect of your life but not the other. I do believe sometimes we need to look back in our lives for understanding to then realign our path going forward. Self-awareness and acceptance are high on the agenda, in the way I work. 

A situation only changes when we change the way we look at it.   

Deep down we all want to be loved, happy, and find some inner peace. We all want the success and nice things this life has to offer. But we can become so trapped in the way we view things, the low self-belief we have  and this false illusion of fear that toys with everyone’s minds.

In our sessions, we can look at all aspects in your life. If you have landed here on my page then you know there is more you want out of life. We are only a couple of steps away from major change in our lives.

Are you ready and willing to work towards finding a new way?
Are you ready to believe that you are the one who is able to give yourself everything you have ever wanted?

Are you still unsure as to why and how things need changing but know you are ready anyway?

Know that you are ready to go? Enquire today for single sessions or packages.

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