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Foggy Waters

"Never give up on your hopes, dreams and desires, just surrender and let go of a
definite outcome"

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Why choose me?

You have landed on my page trying to ascertain whether you are going to get in touch for further information and make that decision to work with me.

Or you are viewing websites, still testing the waters, deciding if coaching is something you need, there will be some excuses you may be telling yourself, like now is not the right time.

Wherever you are in your decision process, only you, can make that final decision to take the active steps to make the changes that you want.

Why choose me? I hear you ask. Honestly, sometimes it is not necessarily who you choose, more importantly it’s how ready you are to explore, take responsibility, be open, willing and ready to embrace and do the work which requires effort and consistency on your part.

Does this sound like something you are ready to do? Can I assist? Of course I can. Can I provide the exploration, challenge and space to allow you to get real and vulnerable, but provide understanding, strength and determination to keep going on your journey? Yes, I can. I can join you in your car and be your supporting passenger, but I can’t drive for you, only you can - the choice is yours. So why choose me? The question is do you choose you? If the answer is yes, then choose me.

"I was looking for something other than counselling as I am a person who likes to see and feel results. After the second session I was emotional, as I started to become aware of my negative core beliefs. Working through them with Michelle helped me break through some major barriers and see things in a new perspective. Thanks so much."


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